The classical expression of the Prophetic legacy we seek to share is not monolithic or puritanical, nor does it claim exclusive ownership to the entire Truth. Rather, it embraces the diversity of human experiences and cultures, celebrates the good in each one, and offers the human being the opportunity to become more mindful of God, kinder to others, and nobler throughout all his actions.

Our way of teaching is an alternative to the reductionist approach that has dominated much of Islamic education in recent history, with its exclusive focus on outward signs of piety, and its tendencies towards either rational or emotional extremes.

WE BELIEVE ISLAM IS A WAY OF LIFE, A WAY OF LIGHT, AND A WAY OF LOVE. We want to see our community stop enduring our faith, and start truly living it. To stop merely surviving, and start thriving.

We are honoured to join the efforts of all those striving today towards a renaissance of the spiritual soul of Islam.