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Ramadan 2018

We look forward to seeing you during this joyful blessed month!

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Open Heart Ramadan

Thursdays in the Rhoda Garden, join us for an open-hearted experience of friendship and community, without pressure. It’s ideal for those who are new to Ramadan, as well as those who are not fasting…a place you can come as you are, no masks needed, and let down your guard.

Enjoy a free and nourishing dinner, take in the vibe, and go home when you are ready to…

We also will have a campfire going after sunset so that you can chill if you so wish, with your friends!

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Suhoor in Style

Roaming the roads of Ottawa, wondering where to go after a wonderful night of Taraweeh?
Want to treat a young person or someone who just started fasting, and show them you’re proud?
Finding it hard to make an iftar date with old friends?
The answer is a delicious Lotus Suhoor…

Come hang out with the cool crowd at the Lotus where you’ll enjoy an amazing Suhoor in style.
Beats Perkins any night of the week!

organic halal sausage, toast+jam+butter, foul mudammas, scrambled eggs or boiled eggs, Aleppo Sunrise (olives, labneh, zaatar, olive oil), overnight oats, energy bites, dates plus specialty drinks of your choice!

So great for a midnight date – help a youth in your family catch the vibe of Ramadan at the Lotus, during a suhoor with his or her friends.

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Retraite Spirituelle Floraison: Semer, s’aimer!


Le quotidien vous a asséché?

Cette retraite spirituelle, loin de la ville et de ses distractions, a été conçue pour vous dans le but d’offrir à votre coeur l’opportunité de fleurir dans toute sa splendeur. 

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Lotus Blossom Spiritual Retreat: Hearing, Healing, Heading Forward.

AUGUST 25-30

Give your heart a much-needed pause from the busy-ness of modern life and give your soul the chance to rest.

This year’s program centres around quiet meditative times, connecting to nature, activities such as canoeing and hiking, and companionship with spiritual mentors and fellow retreaters. 

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Parenting Seminar: Honouring the Spiritual

Ramadan 2017

Mai 2017: Shaykh Hamdi en France

JAN. 1-3, Dr. Umar Faruq Abd-Allah




Shaykh Ahmed Saad Al-Azhari visit Dec. 9-12





Shaykh Hamdi en France, 20 au 30 octobre


Shaykh Ninowy Visit October 7-10

Public Lecture:

Knowledge Retreat: